Main compositions by Henk de Vlieger

Three inventions

1974, for small percussion (3 players)
First performance: Nov. 11, 1976, Rotterdam, Conservatory,
Jos van der Sijde, Arno van Nieuwenhuize, Toine Strooy
Duration: 6'00". Published by DONEMUS


1977, for 12 flutes (to be placed in a circle around the audience)
First performance: Dec. 13, 1977, Amsterdam, Bellevue, Students of Rotterdam Conservatory Duration: 10'00". Published by DONEMUS


1979, for 2 xylophones and 2 marimba's
First performance: March 31, 1979, Rotterdam, De Lantaren,
Jos van der Sijde, Peter de Vries, Martin Vonk, Ruud Wiener
Duration: 6'00". Published by DONEMUS


1980, for a small barrel organ (37 tone holes)
Movements: 1. Adagietto, 2. Ostinato, 3. Ritornello
First performance: May 2, 1982, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Hans van Oost
Duration: 6'40". Published by DONEMUS


1989 (rev. 2012), for barrel organ 'The busy drone',
Commissioned by Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst
First performance: October 19, 2012, Amsterdam, Orgelpark
Duration: 7’30". Published by DONEMUS


1994, for percussion (3 - 6 players, very easy)
Movements: 1. Daydream, 2. Safari, 3. Pinocchio, 4. Night music, 5. Slapstick, 6. Déjà vu. Commissioned by SKVR in co-operation with Rotterdam Art Foundation
and Radio Rijnmond, on the occasion of 150 years SKVR Music School.
First performance: June 15, 1994, Rotterdam, Bibliotheektheater
Duration: 9'00". Published by Ascolta Music Publishing, Houten 


1994, for flute solo, to Carla Meijers
First performance: June 11, 2014, Hilversum, Mediawerkplaats, Carla Meijers
Duration: 6’30”. Published by SCHOTT Music

De Overwinning (Victory)
1996, Overture for orchestra,
Commissioned by ID Cultuur, on the occasion of the opening of ArenA Amsterdam 
First performance: Aug. 25, 1996, ArenA Amsterdam,
Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra / Lawrence Renes
Duration: 7'30". Unpublished

Finale festivo

2005, Paraphrase for carillon and orchestra,
Commissioned by Xsaga,
on the occasion of the celebration of 25 years government by Queen Beatrix.
First and only performance: April 29, 2005, Amsterdam: Dam square,
Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Paolo Olmi
Duration: 4'50". Unpublished


2015, for alto saxophone solo, to Femke IJlstra
First performance: May 30, 2015, Oranjewoud Festival, Femke IJlstra
Duration: 5’30”. Published by SCHOTT Music


2014 -’17, 6 pieces for harmonium, to Ru Stolk:
1. Intrada, 2. Fughetta, 3. Siciliana, 4. Toccatina, 5. Passacaglia, 6. Preghiera agnostica.
First public performance of Fughetta and Passacaglia: Sept. 9, 2016,
Zaltbommel, Gasthuiskerk, Ru Stolk
First public performance of Siciliana: Sept. 28, 2019, Rotterdam, Open Hof, Henk de Vlieger Duration: 18’00”. Published by SCHOTT Music

Capriccio serio

2020, for violin solo, to Myrthe Helder 
Duration: 6’00”. Unpublished


2021, for harp solo
Duration: 6’00”. Unpublished

2021, for two bassoons
On the occasion of the international festival  'Bassoons for Future 2021'
Planned first performance: Oct. 30, 2021, Maastricht, Jos Lammerse and Freek Sluijs
Duration: 6'30". Unpublished